Zachary Quinto Celebrates 4 Years of Sobriety with a 'Sun-Kissed Selfie'

Zachary Quinto is celebrating another year of sobriety!

The Star Trek actor, 42, shared an Instagram selfie of himself on Sunday to commemorate the occasion, writing, "Four years sober sun-kissed selfie. grateful for today!"

In the photo, Quinto appears barechested and tan as his long hair is held back by a black band on his head.

Quinto has been staying indoors since the outbreak of the coronavirus in the U.S. caused lockdowns to occur across the country.

To keep himself occupied, Quinto has practiced playing his banjo and sharing videos of himself performing on his Instagram account.

The actor has also taken his two dogs on walks while social distancing.

He also celebrated Mother’s Day with a celebratory photograph of his mother, Margo, and a sweet message in which he said he was "grateful" for her strength.

"Touchstones of the sweetest things. there are so few comforts on the path my mother has trod these past eight years," Quinto wrote in the caption. "But the innocence and childlike wonder that have replaced a sometimes stormy complexity are certainly among them."

He continued, "I love her still-mischievous smile her lilting laugh and her love of sweets. i am grateful to have witnessed her strength when she had it to spare. and now in her vulnerability i am grateful for the strength she gave me. i love you mama. happy mother’s day… 💕."

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