Watch Jamie Lee Curtis Talk ‘Halloween,’ Trauma in Conversation at 92Y

Ahead of the release of Halloween, the “direct sequel” to John Carpenter’s 1978 horror classic, star Jamie Lee Curtis and director David Gordon Green sat down with Rolling Stone‘s David Fear to discuss the upcoming film.

Over the course of the conversation, conducted at New York’s 92Y Thursday, Curtis and Green discuss the challenges of reviving Halloween and its masked serial killer Michael Myers, the rapturous response the film’s preview received at Comic Con, Green’s trepidation about taking on the cult franchise, John Carpenter’s involvement and Curtis’ return to the iconic role.

For the new Halloween, Curtis reprises the role of Laurie Strode for the first time since 1998’s Halloween H20: 20 Years Later. That sequel painted her character as paranoid and timid following the trauma of the original film, whereas Strode is a vengeance-seeking badass in the upcoming film. “The 20-year film has no relevance to this [new film],” Curtis said.

“There are three choices when you’re traumatized and, boy, we’ve been hearing a little bit about trauma, and what people have done with their trauma,” Curtis added of her character’s change. “You can die from it, you can run from it, or it will affect you for your whole life until you face it. And those are the options.”

Curtis also called her character a #MeToo-era hero. “Everybody is talking about past trauma: Burying it, hiding it, squishing it, silencing it, shutting it up… It’s amazing that this is the world. We’re talking about this movie that actually, at its core, is about trauma, and trying to put a real face on horrific trauma, and that is what we attempted to do.”

Halloween and Michael Myers invade theaters on October 19th.

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