Watch Chris Pine React to ‘Brutal’ Tweets About His ‘Outlaw King’ Nude Scene

The Graham Norton Show/YouTube

If Chris Pine thought he could film his full-frontal nude scene for “Outlaw King” and be done with it, he was wrong.
After the film’s premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September, Pine has faced some very public reactions to his risqué scene. People have been tweeting about what they saw, and that has been both “fun” and “effin’ brutal,” Pine said. He recently addressed the topic on “The Graham Norton Show” and had to sit through host Norton sharing some of his favorite comments about Pine’s, er, body of work.
Norton pointed out how Pine had done “grueling” work for his role as Robert the Bruce, but when the film came out, people were more interested in talking about his nude scene.
“It seemed to get a lot of attention,” Pine admitted.
Watch him react to tweets Norton selected, with actors Sally Field and Rami Malek joining in the fun.

“Outlaw King” hits Netflix on Nov. 9, so expect more tweets about Pine’s much-talked-about scene to follow.
[via: “The Graham Norton Show”/YouTube; h/t: EW]

Outlaw King

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