Top five films: The best of the big screen

CITIZEN KANE (119 minutes) PG

It might not be the greatest film ever made, but Orson Welles' portrait of a media baron who got everything and nothing he wanted belongs on everybody's shortlist. A lament for lost innocence, a trenchant political cartoon and a dazzling piece of showmanship, this remains the cornerstone of the Welles myth. 35mm print. Astor, Sunday, March 24, 4pm.

Orson Welles as the lead role in his film Citizen Kane.Credit:Hulton Archive

WILD THINGS (108 minutes) MA

John McNaughton's twisty 1998 erotic thriller manages to be sexy and wilfully ridiculous at the same time. Neve Campbell and Denise Richards are students who team up to accuse a guidance counsellor (Matt Dillon) of rape, with Bill Murray as his sleazy lawyer and Kevin Bacon as the detective. Digitally projected. Rooftop Cinema (Curtin House), Sunday, March 24, 8.30pm.

KEY LARGO (100 minutes) PG

As a hurricane bears down, a Florida hotel provides a haven for a motley group that includes a power-mad gangster (Edward G. Robinson), a disillusioned veteran (Humphrey Bogart) and a young widow (Lauren Bacall). John Huston's brooding, talky thriller captures a distinctly post-war mood. Digitally projected. Astor, Sunday, March 24, 7pm. Double feature with Bad Day at Black Rock.

THE SUMMER HOUSE (128 minutes) M

The films of writer-director-star Valeria Bruni Tedeschi have a distinctive, playful tone, mingling reality and fiction with uncommon freedom. This one casts her as a filmmaker with a complicated love life and a bunch of eccentric relatives, many of whom congregate at the country house of the title. Screens as part of the French Film Festival. Cinema Como, Sunday, March 24, 10.30am.

JEREMIAH TERMINATOR LEROY (108 minutes) Unrated 18+

In the early 2000s, J.T. Leroy was known as a precocious queer "literary outlaw" with a host of celebrity fans – but nothing was quite as it appeared. This dramatised version of the story stars the dream team of Laura Dern and Kristin Stewart as the two key figures behind the scenes. This special presentation marks the closing night of the Melbourne Queer Film Festival. ACMI, Sunday, March 24, 7.30pm.

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