The Debate Is Over! Bruce Willis' Die Hard Gets a Christmas Makeover in Time for the Holidays

Die Hard is the “greatest Christmas story ever told” — according to a new trailer for the 1988 classic.

Recognizing the long debate over whether the film is a Christmas film, 20th Century Fox released a recut holiday trailer and gives the R-rated action a rest as Bruce Willis‘ John McClane travels to Los Angeles from New York for an office Christmas party.

“This is John… he just wants to spend Christmas with the family,” the voiceover says. “But, when he gets stuck at the office party, it’ll be a holiday he’ll never forget.”

The trailer follows McClane’s takedown of terrorists who infiltrate the fictional Nakatomi Plaza with Christmas music and wisecracks that make the film seems more like a whimsical film than the action film success it is usually lauded as.

While Die Hard may be seen by some as a holiday film, the 63-year-old actor went against the grain and disagreed at the end of his Comedy Central roast in July.

Die Hard is not a Christmas movie!” Willis said.

However, his costar Bonnie Bedelia, who played McClane’s wife Holly, told PEOPLE in August for the film’s 30th anniversary that Die Hard is a Christmas film.

“Yes [it is],” Bedelia said. “It’s not your typical, sweet family Christmas movie but I think it’s entered the Christmas classic category.”

She added, “It’s a new Christmas classic, no question.”

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