Superhero Bits: Stan Lee's Final Superhero, 'Venom' Cinematographer Arrested & More

What was Stan Lee working on with his daughter not long before he passed away? What caused Watchmen star Jeffrey Dean Morgan to lash out at abandoned Batman star Armie Hammer? Why did Sam Raimi forge Stan Lee‘s signature when he was younger? What was Nick Fury doing before Avengers: Infinity War? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Killer Frost‘s father is coming to The Flash next week, and of course he’s the super villain known as Icicle.

Stan Lee and his daughter J.C. Lee worked on a new superhero as recently as the weekend before his death.

Arthur Curry and Mera stand dramatically on a poster for the upcoming release of James Wan’s Aquaman.

Sam Raimi revealed that he once forged Stan Lee‘s signature for an early  job after Marvel denied the request.

Jefferson & Anissa Pierce take Gambi‘s memory with them in a preview for the next Black Lightning.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan blasted Armie Hammer for mocking how some fans were honoring Stan Lee online. got some Infinity War concept art showing Captain America inhis  US Agent gear.

Venom cinematographer Matthew Libatique was arrested in Poland for attacking public officials while drunk.

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