'Star Wars: The Bad Batch' Takes a Breather With an Old Ally in "Cut and Run"

Other Thoughts

  • Supplementary materials say the kids are biologically Suu’s and a late human husband, but this plot element isn’t specified here. It feels like a missed opportunity to question if age-accelerated clones have the capacity to breed.
  • The guys also learn that Rex had recently visited Cut and alluded to the brain chips, which Omega seems to be aware of. Although the mystery is saved for later, this also asks the question when and how Rex separated from Ahsoka.
  • In my previous episode review, I mentioned the colorism of the Bad Batch being fairer-skinned while the brute Wrecker is darker-skinned and more based on Temuera Morrison’s Maori profile. The whitewashing discussion has extended to Caleb Dume’s appearance compared to his Rebels and Kanan comic appearances.

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