'Star Wars' merch on sale in Disney parks' 'Galaxy's Edge'

Merch: A Star Wars Story

In the Galaxy’s Edge attraction at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, you’re not in a park — you’re visiting the world of Batuu. So the toys, collectibles, and clothing have to seem like they’re something actual Star Wars characters could buy. For instance, these stuffed animals from Bina’s Creature Stall are actually “pets.” (Read more about them here: A Guide to Galaxy’s Edge shops.)

Jedi Family Apparel

Galaxy’s Edge is the first time Disney Parks will allow grown-ups to walk around in costume. At Black Spire Outfitters, you can get your Jedi (or Sith) cloaks and the latest in scavenger-wear.

Earth-friendly Wear

Or, if role-playing isn’t your thing, you can purchase these types of outfits which merely have a Star Wars vibe to them, but aren’t too far beyond what you might see someone in a galaxy far, far away wearing 

The Red Fury

This is the nickname of the First Order’s 709th Legion. Unlike the 501st Stormtroopers, who do a lot of charity work and visit kids in hospitals, these bad guys are actually bad. They’re currently trying to occupy Black Spire Outpost … and they welcome new recruits. Just buy a uniform, and pledge allegiance to the dark side. You can actually help evil triumph using your phone.

Mubo’s Droid Selection

These are some of the custom droids you can assemble when at Black Spire’s top robotics warehouse. In the center is BB-8, the cantina DJ Rex (who serves as a Bluetooth speaker), and stalwart R2-D2. Click here to learn more about the droid shop.

Droid War Wear

This shows the approximate size of Mobu’s droids, and you can also choose to purchase apparel at his shop to look like one of his expert technicians.

Dok-Ondar’s Collectibles

Many of the more precious items inside Ithorian collector Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities are not for sale, but he has quite a few relics, books, and goblets dedicated to the Jedi order.

Sith Remnants

Don’t worry, evil-doers. Dok-Ondar also has plenty of sith merchandise for you, too.

Holocron Cubes

These are like mystical Force-powered computers, and the Kyber crystals that go inside them are like flash drives, each containing wisdom from a Jedi or Sith from the past. 

Woooaaahnn!! WooooAAAHHNN!

Those same Kyber crystals serve many purposes. The readable tech inside them can also be utilized as a key component in the handmade laser swords at Savi’s secret lightsaber shop.


Rare Star Wars toys

They don’t have Hasbro in the galaxy. The toys you find there are still representations of heroes and villains, but dollmaker Zabaka stitches together adorable felt representations, and sells some musical instruments, too. Read more about her Toydarian toystore here.

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