Star Wars' Bothans might not actually be aliens after all

One of the most intriguing lines in the original Star Wars trilogy comes from Return of the Jedi when, before the Battle of Endor, Rebellion leader Mon Mothma solemnly says: “Many Bothans died to bring us this information,” in reference to the second Death Star plans.

In the old Expanded Universe, it was established that the Bothans were an alien race that looked like a cross between a werewolf and a humanoid goat.

You might remember them from the 2005 classic game Star Wars Battlefront II (not to be confused with last year’s Star Wars: Battlefront II) which came out on PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC. They could turn invisible for a bit, and had a weird flamethrower-type attack that was a lot more rubbish than it sounds.

When Disney took over the franchise, they declared the entirety of the EU to be non-canon, and have been cherry picking bits and bobs to make up their new canon ever since.

And, with Bothans not having made an appearance in any new Star Wars media, Matt Martin (one of the Lucasfilm Story Group whose job it is to keep an eye on canon) has now speculated that the Bothans may not be what you remember anymore.

When asked on Twitter why Bothans were missing from the Star Wars: Alien Archive book, he said: “Bothans have yet to show up in canon. Maybe Bothans aren’t even a species?!?”

Following up on that tweet, he later added: “My point was only that [Return of the Jedi] doesn’t establish them as a species. It just said they died. What if they’re more like a nationality?”

Hopefully his hypothesis is just that, because a lot of fans aren’t happy with the thought of the Bothans being changed.

People just like their super-spy Star Wars furries, okay?

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