Samuel L. Jackson Reveals His Favorite Nick Fury Moment

Samuel L. Jackson – well known for portraying Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) – has starred in some of the MCU’s biggest box office hits. From Iron Man and The Avengers to Thor and Age of Ultron, Nick Fury is one of the most vital characters in the entire Avengers saga.

When it comes to epic Nick Fury scenes – whether on a humor level or an action-packed one – there is no shortage of material to choose from. However, Nick Fury himself – Samuel L. Jackson – sat down with BBC Radio, and revealed his all-time favorite Nick Fury moment.

Samuel L. Jackson first gave a shout-out to his ‘Captain Marvel’ co-star Brie Larson

When asked, “What has been your favorite Nick Fury moment so far?” by the BBC interviewer, Samuel L Jackson responded:

“So far, this movie’s [Captain Marvel] been an enormous amount of fun, plus, really great to be part of Captain Marvel, or Brie’s original story, because we’re really great friends.”

Once you see Captain Marvel, you will be unable to deny Samuel L. Jackson and Brie Larson’s impeccable on-screen chemistry. Not to mention, both speak of each other in such high regard during interviews. However, despite a strong friendship blossoming between the two, it appears Brie Larson still can’t snag a spot on the annual vacation Jackson takes with Magic Johnson.

However, after speaking about working with Larson, Samuel L. Jackson did reveal the one singular Nick Fury moment he favors over all others.

Samuel L. Jackson’s favorite Nick Fury moment is the car scene in Captain America: Winter Soldier

Samuel L. Jackson, answering the interviewer’s most pressing question on his favorite scene, responded with, “The big car scene in Winter Soldier...It’s fun.” While not giving many other details, the scene involves Nick Fury yelling “Full acceleration!” at his car, while people shoot at him.

Samuel L. Jackson, from the very first Iron Man to Avengers: Infinity War and Captain Marvel, often seems to find himself, a bit helpless, in the most perilous situations; however, Jackson brings an equal degree of humor and gravity to all these moments, making his character a joy to watch.

Will Samuel L. Jackson be in ‘Avengers: Endgame?’

Whether or not Samuel L. Jackson will be in Avengers: Endgame has yeto be determined. Considering Nick Fury was one of the several characters who disappeared with “the snap;” audiences can assume that, if the Avengers find a way to reverse this, he will return.

It’s likely that much of Avengers: Endgame will focus on the Avengers attempting to undo Thanos’ death snap. Thus, if Nick Fury does appear, he is unlikely to have much screen time.

The plot of Avengers: Endgame is still unknown, so, he may just appear earlier than Infinity War would lead us to believe. This is Marvel we’re talking about; they are going to have to shock us, especially since it’s the last installment in the Avengers saga.

Samuel L. Jackson is also set to appear in a few other movies this year (outside of the Avengers franchise). According to IMDb, Jackson will star in The Banker, The Last Full Measure, and Shaft, which are all expected to hit theaters later this year. He is also set to appear in Blazing Samurai and Inversion sometime soon. The former was only recently announced, while the latter is in pre-production. Don’t think that the end of Avengers means you won’t be seeing enough of Samuel L. Jackson. He’s got some big projects on the horizon.

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