‘Rookie of the Year’ Remake in the Works

20th Century Fox

A new “Rookie of the Year” is taking the field.
A remake of the 1993 baseball comedy movie  is in the works at 20th Century Fox, according to Deadline. 
In the original, a Little Leaguer (Thomas Ian Nicholas) breaks his arm, but when it heals, he discovers he has incredible pitching force. He’s recruited by the Chicago Cubs and has a crash course in playing in the MLB. He winds up up helping them win the World Series.
The studio has reportedly made a deal with Dan Gregor and Doug Mand to rewrite the script, with Gregor possibly directing. They recently wrote and Gregor directed “Most Likely To Murder,” which stars Adam Pally and Rachel Bloom and premiered at SXSW. Gregor and Mand are also consulting producers on The CW’s “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.”

Rookie of the Year

A freak accident causes 12-year-old Little League player Henry (Thomas Ian Nicholas) to become such a powerful and accurate pitcher that the Chicago Cubs sign the junior high student to a contract. Unprepared for such a high-pressure environment, Henry falters until aging fastballer Chet Steadman (Gary Busey) takes him under his wing and teaches him how to play in the big leagues. Meanwhile, his mother's venal boyfriend (Bruce Altman) tries to sell Henry's contract to a hated opposing team. Read More

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