Rami Malek has a weird but appropriate Bohemian Rhapsody souvenir

Freddie Mercury star Rami Malek has revealed he’s got a weird but apt Bohemian Rhapsody souvenir.

Rami’s dedication to the biopic included wearing a set of false teeth modelled on Mercury’s at all times.

Speaking to The New Yorker, Rami has now revealed that he actually grew to love the teeth, so much so that he kept them and had them plated in gold.

“I kept the teeth,” he said. “Well, I had the teeth cast in gold. It is the most ostentatious thing I have probably ever done, and, in the spirit of Freddie, being as outlandish as I could, I said, ‘What would be more him than casting these in gold?'”

And speaking of teeth, Rami also opened up about them on last week’s The Graham Norton Show.

“I had his teeth in because he has an overbite, a massive overbite,” he explained. “Which he never wanted to mess with because he has a four-octave range. He said, ‘I’m not screwing with this at all!'”

Rami went on: “I’m not a method actor… I kept my teeth in because I never get a chance to end every sentence with ‘darling’ and ‘dear’, and Freddie does!

“That’s quite nice. I’d rather be Freddie Mercury for most of the day than Rami Malek.”

Bohemian Rhapsody is out today (October 24) in the UK and November 2 in the US. Book tickets here.

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