Penelope Cruz Unable to Score Role in ‘Frozen 2’

Penelope Cruz was turned down for a role in “Frozen 2“.

The Oscar-winning actress revealed she wanted to star in animated films in an effort to please the two children she shares with husband Javier Bardem – Leo, seven, and Luna, five.

However, she missed out on starring alongside Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Evan Rachel Wood and Sterling K. Brown in the sequel to the huge Disney/Pixar hit “Frozen (2013)“, set to be released next year.

“I haven’t done a lot of films that are for children, but I’m looking. I hope that I can do some animation work. I would love to,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “I tried to get into Frozen 2. That was the one (I wanted), but no way.”

Penelope and Javier, who star opposite each other in their new movie “Loving Pablo“, are keen to pass on their shared cultural values to their kids.

“I just want them to be nice, honest, caring, loving people,” the “No Country for Old Men” star expressed. “We know that it’s not easy to do because the world is a very complex place.”

Penelope also wants the lessons she learned from her parents to influence her two children.

“My parents taught us great values. They were very hard workers,” she said of her childhood with siblings Monica and Eduardo. “They didn’t take anything for granted. They really valued family. Family has always been a priority. That’s how I was raised and what I have always seen. I don’t know any other way. Like family comes first and then everything else.”

“Loving Pablo” is in cinemas now.

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