Mortal Kombat end credits: Is there a post credit scene after Mortal Kombat?

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Mortal Kombat started as a video game in 1992 and quickly spawned spin-off games which fans leapt at the chance to play. By 1995 a live-action film had been made, and in 1997 its sequel, named Annihilation, came out. Now, the film side of Mortal Kombat has been revitalised with a new movie which has already gained some fans.

Is there a post-credit scene for Mortal Kombat?

Surprisingly, given how the game takes you through levels and continues for some time, there is no post-credit scene.

Instead, there are scenes which point to further films, perhaps negating the need for an end credits snippet.

Joe Taslim, who plays Sub-Zero, has revealed he has already signed on for four films if the reboot is a success, meaning there is a chance quite a few more films are on the way.

As well as this, Todd Garner, one of the film’s producers, said he had considered a Johnny Cage standalone film.

Todd was quoted as saying: “Johnny Cage lives in the Mortal Kombat universe,” but while he does not appear in this film, the protagonist, Cole, leaves to go and meet him in Los Angeles.

Co-writer Greg Russo told the publication he sees this as a trilogy, meaning even if Joe’s four films do not come to fruition, the writers are willing to make at least four movies happen.

Finally, the film itself sets up beautifully for another instalment.

As well as Cole heading off to LA to find Johnny Cage, various other Mortal Kombat icons appear in the film, albeit in cameo form.

It would seem strange for them not to make a bigger splash, which suggests at least one more film could give them the chance to do so.

What do critics think of Mortal Kombat?

On review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, Mortal Kombat has received fairly mixed reviews, with its score of 55 percent.

Rolling Stone’s K. Austin Collins said: “It’s solid entertainment – refreshing, even, for finding ways to navigate the familiar pivots on its own terms.

“Most importantly, it does what is, ultimately, its main job.

“It tees us up for the sequel. And plenty of us will be eager to watch it.”

Bob Strauss of the San Francisco Chronicle added: “Fights are imaginatively conceived and presented with gratifying punch, framed and edited in ways that showcase the athletic choreography.

“And there’s no obfuscating ’90s quick-cutting to ruin these sequences.”

But not all critics were as enamoured with the film, with Benjamin Lee of The Guardian adding: “Mortal Kombat would have benefitted from a number of things – a sharper sense of humour, a more coherent script, some tighter editing, less techno music – but its sheer manic energy might just about be enough for some.”

Hollywood Reporter’s John DeFore said: “While gaming die-hards may enjoy this riff on familiar characters and kills, Kombat looks pretty rinky-dink when compared to the thrill rides Marvel cranks out on a regular basis.”

Mortal Kombat is not available to watch in the UK – will update this as soon as information is available.

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