Mira Sorvino Tapped Into Her Own 'Difficult' Pregnancy for Creepy Thriller 'Look Away'

“There was a lot of concern whether the baby was gonna make it, whether I was gonna make it,” Sorvino recalls.

Mira Sorvino had to go to some dark places for her work in the new psychological thriller, "Look Away."

The movie revolves around a less-than-popular teenager who exacts revenge on her fellow classmates with the help of her evil reflection. Sorvino stars as Amy, the teen’s despondent mother who’s dealing with a few demons of her own.

"The project itself sort of reminded me of ‘Dead Ringers,’ which was one of my favorite creepy genre movie ever, the David Cronenberg movie with Jeremy Irons playing the twins," Sorvino told TooFab about doing the film. "I thought [Assaf Bernstein] was really interesting as a director. I liked the dysfunctional family and how this broken mother is still trying to fight for her daughter, in a weird way, but she’s definitely quite broken."

Not only is her character’s daughter offing other kids at school, but Amy’s doctor husband is cheating on her with his patients and she’s haunted by visions of a bloody birth gone horribly wrong.

Sorvino admitted those latter scenes were "really hard to play."

"I’ve had four kids, but I did have a very difficult third pregnancy, there was a lot of concerns whether the baby was gonna make it, whether I was gonna make it, that were some issues, so it kind of brought me back to that," she explained.

"I always find fear is the hardest thing to play on screen because in real life fear is a temporary emotion, it’s like a fight or flight emotion and it goes away quickly once you solve the problem or know what’s behind the door, or run away and then it morphs into something else," Sorvino continued. "But on camera to play fear again and again, it’s one of the hardest acting challenges I find."

Thankfully, the actress has a strong support system waiting for her at home, something which helps her clear her head after stepping into that traumatic headspace for a while.

"Walking into my real life with my four children, dogs and chaos, that pretty much does it," she explained. "And I hug them, I get involved in one of their activities, and then we’re off, it’s real life and there’s no time to actually dwell on my psychological drama."

"Look Away" is available on digital now.

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