Michelle Yeoh Might Be Getting Her Own ‘Star Trek’ Series


Good news: Michelle Yeoh is in talks to reprise her “Star Trek Discovery” role of Captain Emperor Georgiou for her own stand-alone series on CBS All Access, according to Deadline.
Georgiou is already set to return to “Discovery” in Season 2, which premieres January 17. In October, Yeoh teased that her storyline will be about Georgiou’s recruitment into Section 31.

The spinoff would also likely focus on Starfleet’s top secret Section 31 division, which was first introduced in “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.”
We’re also looking forward to seeing Yeoh in the likely (but not yet greenlit) sequel to “Crazy Rich Asians.”
If the Georgiou series does happen (and our fingers are firmly crossed that it does), she’d be joining the new Picard-centric “Star Trek” series which marks the return of Patrick Stewart.
[Via Deadline]

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