Meghan Markle: ‘B****y brilliant’ Fans in meltdown over huge Disney Plus news

Meghan Markle fans have been eagerly watching and awaiting the news of what the Duchess of Sussex’s next project will be. The rumour mill spun into overdrive after Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, was seen talking to Disney CEO Bob Iger about his wife’s skills in voice overs. Today Disney Plus have announced Meghan will indeed be narrating one of their next films, a documentary called Elephant for DisneyNature. Fans went into overdrive at the news. 

Elephant will be streaming April 3 on Disney Plus. 

The new trailer teases viewers can expect “two new movies, two incredible families, two unforgettable journeys”. 

As well as the sweeping documentary about the animals, the streaming service will simultaneously be releasing another called Dolpin Reef – narrated by Hollywood actress Natalie Portman.

“Dolphin Reef narrated by Natalie Portman, transports us to an underwater wonderland,” the voiceover continues. “Where every creature works together in perfect balance to thrive in an unpredictable environment.”

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The narrator goes on to say “Elephant follows one family’s extraordinary 1,000 mile journey across Africa.

“On an adventure that will change their lives.

“Two powerful stories that show just how far family can take you, as epic and inspiring as nature itself.”

Both films will be available to watch on the new platform on the same day, on April 3. Is this the beginning of Meghan’s illustrious career with Disney? 

Flocking to the comments on Twitter, fans of the Duchess and Disney shared their thoughts at the news.

“I’m so ready for Elephant. Go Meghan!” one person exclaimed.

Another clapped: “Yes Meghan!!!”

“Love the Duchess of Sussex! Will watch!” a third praised.

While a fourth declared: “I’M SO HAPPY,” followed by: “This is so exciting, I can’t wait to watch. Way to go Meghan #DuchessofSussex you are an inspiration!”

Others were thrilled Disney chose to make the most of the Duchess’s talents, with one enthusing: “Can’t wait to listen to Meghan’s beautiful voice. Yeah!!!

“I can’t wait to listen to my Princess, The Duchess of Sussex’s melodic voice.. an excellent narrator #Meghan,” another said.

“Meghan’s soothing voice… I can’t wait,” a third echoed.

One person was incredibly relieved for some positive news in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak and self-isolation, commenting: “Finally, Great News in the midst of this chaos.”

While another fan shared: “Ok, ok, I am not worried anymore. She will make it. She will survive the craziness. It’s b****y brilliant. Wow wow wow. You’re bad Brits.”

“Who the cares? When the world is dying is there are more serious issues to attend to. Who cares who narrates your next movie? Get real people. #morereasonwhyimnotsigningupfordisneyplus,” another viewer also offered.

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