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Actress Bryce Dallas Howard is stepping back behind the camera to shoot a documentary about fatherhood around the world.

The “Jurassic World” star, who is the daughter of filmmaker Ron Howard, has signed on to make “Dads” for new production company Imagine Documentaries.

Her dad and his fellow Imagine Entertainment chairman Brian Grazer will be among the producers and Ron can’t wait to see what his daughter comes up with.

“Fatherhood has factored into so many of the stories – both comedies and dramas – I’ve directed and produced, and of course, my experience as a son and a father of four has defined me on a foundational level, but this project will go deeper and be much more revealing in its excavation of the subject than anything I’ve ever been involved with before.”

“As a dad, it both thrills and fascinates me to be collaborating with my daughter, Bryce, as she applies her own storytelling instincts to the subject and directs the film. Our creative conversations have already been surprising, hilarious and emotional and we are eager to share what we discover with audiences.”

“We’re already gaining profound insight into the responsibilities, the absurdities, the triumphs and the losses dad’s experience,” Bryce tells Deadline. “What we’ve uncovered so far has been emotional, enlightening, provocative, and insanely funny. My father is my hero and always has been, so it’s an honour and a privilege to get to share the stories of these remarkable dads from all walks of life, all heroes in their own right.”

Bryce will be making her debut as a documentarian with “Dads”, but it won’t be her first time behind the camera – her 2012 short film “When You Find Me” was shortlisted for an Oscar and her 2016 short “Solemates” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. She will also direct an episode of Disney’s “Star Wars” streaming TV series “The Mandalorian“.

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