Look: Fan Art Depicts Robert Pattinson’s Batman Against Darth Vader

There isn’t a shortage of compelling and iconic DC Comics villains for the Batman.

In the movies, comics, television shows and video games, the Caped Crusader has had to deal with criminal masterminds like the Joker, Two-Face, Riddler, Hugo Strange, physically dominant enemies such as Bane, Catwoman, and Killer Croc and super forces that include Poison Ivy, Clayface, Ra’s al Ghul and Mr. Freeze.

All of these villains, in their own ways, have put the Dark Knight on the brink of death. But of course, the World’s Greatest Detective has always found a way to outsmart them all.

But the Batman has never come face-to-face with somebody as fierce, tactical and manipulative like Darth Vader from Star Wars, one of the most legendary and beloved villains in cinema history.

One can only dream of a showdown between Batman and Darth Vader, be it on the big screens, video game or in the comics. But thanks to some incredible fan art by Mizuri, we can at least imagine what a showdown would look like.

Mizuri used Robert Pattinson’s version of Batman and depicted a confrontation with a lightsaber-wielding Darth Vader.

You can check out the images below.

Darth Vader vs The Batman, who wins ? Hi everyone! Here is a fun concept which I worked on with @samuelkimmusic for his latest video. This would definitely be a badass fight. Hope you enjoy! Join me on Patreon to access all my high-res art, process and more exclusive content!

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Wouldn’t it be exciting to see how the Batman would try to conquer Darth Vader and the force? The latter would certainly provide a challenge like no other for the World’s Greatest Detective.

But again, it’s impossible to imagine a scenario that would allow us to see a cinematic showdown between these two fictional characters.

Pattinson was cast as Ben Affleck’s Batman replacement in May of last year. The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves, is currently scheduled for an Oct. 2021 release. The Twilight star will be the sixth actor to portray the DC Comics hero in a live action film, joining Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale and Affleck.

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