Jimmy Kimmel Asks Sebastian Stan to Reveal Which of His 'Avengers' Co-Stars He Likes 'Least'

Yes, he answers, before talking about possibly becoming Captain America himself.

The Winter Soldier himself, Sebastian Stan, was grilled about being part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe during an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

While he was on the show to promote his work in "Destroyer," the late-night host kicked off the interview on Thursday night by diving right into "Avengers," asking him to reveal which of his co-stars he likes "least" or has "the most trouble getting along with."

Stan had no issue coming up with an answer: "Tom Holland is a problem." (And before you Holland fans get up in arms, watch the video, he’s clearly joking.)

Warning: "Infinity War" spoilers coming!

Kimmel then asked about the ending of "Infinity War," which saw Bucky Barnes become a casualty of Thanos’ snap heard ’round the universe. According to Stan, he had no idea it was coming.

"I really didn’t," he said when Kimmel wondered when he learned he’d dissolve into nothing. "It was actually my stuntman that told me on set that day, he was like, we’re gonna have this mat and you’re gonna fall, you’re falling and he never completed his sentences."

He said the directors didn’t even really want to fill anyone in on how it would all play out in the final film, with both Joe and Anthony Russo coming up with "very cryptic" answers whenever he asked about the scene.

Lastly, Kimmel addressed one long-running fan theory about how Barnes’ story will continue in future films, as Bucky actually takes up the mantle of Captain America in the comics. With Chris Evans reportedly ending his run in the MCU with the next "Avengers" film, Jimmy wanted to know if there have ever been any "discussions" about Stan taking over the role.

"No, not really," he coyly responded. "It’s usually like, it’s like a dream, people might mention something but we never go that way."

Think he’s bluffing? We’ll see how things begin to shake out for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes when the next "Avengers" movie drops May 3, 2019.

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