It's Time for Disney to Listen Up and Give Us the 'Romy and Michele' Sequel We All Deserve

Mira Sorvino tells TooFab she’d be on board, but the Mouse House is standing in their way.

It’s time for Romy and Michele to have another high school reunion.

In 1997, Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow starred as a pair of former outcasts who attempt to scam everyone in their class into believing they "invented Post-its" in the years since graduation.

While their plan didn’t work and the movie wasn’t exactly a box office bonanza, "Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion" went on to achieve cult status on home video and TV reruns. And we’re all due for more.

Ross Mathews floated the idea out there for a sequel in September on Twitter, writing, "Hollywood should totally do another ROMY & MICHELLE movie about them going to their 30 year reunion. That’s the reboot I’d watch! Anyone else? @LisaKudrow @MiraSorvino."

Sorvino quickly responded, saying she’d be all about it.

When TooFab caught up with the actress to discuss her new thriller, "Look Away," we had to ask whether there were any developments on that front, especially as reboots of long-awaited continuations — like the incredibly successful "Halloween" and upcoming "Terminator" film — are all the rage right now.

"We would love that to happen. I would absolutely do a reboot of it, a sequel, I just don’t know if it will ever happen," Sorvino responded. "We’ve tried for years to get it going and we don’t have the rights, the rights belong to the company, so tell ‘The Mouse’ people want more Romy and Michele and we’ll see what happens."

"The Mouse" in question is Mickey, as Disney owns the rights to the film.

"I think Lisa for sure is still funny, I hope I am and that partnership was so special, the friendship between those two characters is so endearing and crazy, but I think it kept people wanting more," Sorvino continued.

"I’m so proud to be a part of something that really meant something to a lot of people," she added. "It’s a hard thing to achieve that with a film, to make your mark on people’s hearts, and I think it really did. So that’s one of the proudest things in my career, honestly, to have meant something to people that’s lasted for 20 years."

While we not-so-patiently wait for Disney to get around to green-lighting that followup, Sorvino added that the spirit of Romy and Michele is still alive and well every Halloween and at weddings year round.

"Every year [on Instagram] I put together a compilation of images of people who dress up as us," she said. "There are like babies and goth Romy and Michele and total drag queen Romy and Michele. Also people do our dance a lot at their wedding, that’s happened numerous times lately! I get these videos and it’s always incredible."

See some of their doubles below. "Look Away" is available now.

I am just loving the creativity of the wonderful people dressing as #RomyAndMichelle #romyandmichele this #halloween it makes me really happy to have been a part of something that continues to bring laughter into people’s lives! #haveaRomyandMicheleHalloween! #happyhalloween

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