‘Isn’t It Romantic?

Warner Bros.

Romantic comedies are all the rage (again) these days thanks to “Crazy Rich Asians” and Netflix hits like “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.” But the genre is a nightmare for Rebel Wilson in the trailer for “Isn’t It Romantic?”
The movie stars Wilson as a cynical New York City architect who thinks rom-coms are “lies set to terrible pop songs.” Then, after suffering a head injury, she wakes up to find her life has become a rom-com, complete with cliches like a huge apartment with all the shoes, a handsome suitor (Liam Hemsworth) falling at her feet, and flash mobs dancing in the streets.

The trailer definitely has a tongue-in-cheek vibe and indicates the movie will relish poking fun at itself and others of its ilk. Wilson’s dry humor seems to be a perfect fit for a satirical take on romantic comedies.
“Isn’t It Romantic?” opens in theaters February 14.

Isn't It Romantic

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