'Incredibles 2' Blu-ray Clip Reveals the Franchise's Secret Rule

Incredibles 2 arrives on digital this month, and Blu-ray in November, giving you a chance to bring home Pixar’s latest blockbuster. A newly released Incredibles 2 Blu-ray clip goes behind-the-scenes of the superhero sequel, and reveals the unwritten rule of The Incredibles franchise – a rule that involves a blend of fantastic elements with more down-to-earth moments. Watch the clip below.

Incredibles 2 Blu-ray Clip

Fans waited 18 years for a sequel to The Incredibles, and they finally got their wish with Incredibles 2. The film was a massive hit, surpassing $1 billion at the global box office, so it’s safe to say those eager fans were pleased with the results.

There are probably many rules when it comes to crafting an Incredibles movie, but in the clip above, we learn one very specific rule: balancing the fantastic and the mundane. As producer John Walker says, “You never do something fantastic very long without doing something mundane.” For instance: part of the movie involves Bob Parr, aka Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) taking cary of his kids – but he’s doing so in an evil lair-like mansion.

Director Brad Bird says it was important to make the family “uncomfortable” in a new place, like all the moving elements within the technologically advanced. “For a story, that’s perfect,” Bird adds. This is only a brief snippet of a much larger featurette that will be included on the upcoming Incredibles 2 Blu-ray, available November 6, 2018. The digital release will arrive slightly sooner, on October 23, 2018. A full list of special features can be seen below.

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