HBO's 'Room 104' Season 2 Debuts November 9, Stars Michael Shannon, Mahershala Ali, Judy Greer, and More

The first season of HBO’s anthology series Room 104 was uneven, but showed a lot of promise. Each episode takes place inside the same motel room, but that’s essentially the only requirement: genres, characters, styles, and tones are all up for grabs depending on the episode’s individual story, and season one served up a varied meal of period pieces, Mormon missionaries, an MMA-style brawl, and a pants-less Santa Claus, just to name a few.

Room 104 season 2 will hit HBO on November 9, 2018, and the full cast and list of writers and directors has been revealed, and things are about to get very interesting behind the door of that motel room.

Creators and executive producers Jay and Mark Duplass are back for more Room 104, and they’ve enlisted a terrific batched of talent to help them out, including actors like Mahershala Ali, Michael Shannon, Judy Greer, Rainn Wilson, Brian Tyree Henry, and Katie Aselton, and directors like Patrick Brice (Creep), Gaby Hoffmann (Transparent), Mark Duplass, and more.

Here’s a full list of all twelve episodes for this season, and descriptions of who’s starring in, writing, and directing each one:



On paper, the most exciting episodes in this batch look to be “Swipe Right,” which features Michael Shannon and Judy Greer acting together, and “The Man and the Baby and the Man,” which is written by, directed by, and stars Josephine Decker, whose film Madeline’s Madeline has received incredible reviews as it played on the festival circuit.

We reviewed every episode of the first season of Room 104 here, so be sure to check those out if you missed them.

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