Halloween director David Gordon Green on movie's Easter eggs

Warning: This article contains minor spoilers for the new horror movie Halloween.

Director David Gordon Green‘s just-released, Jamie Lee Curtis-starring horror sequel Halloween is packed with Easter eggs, which reference either John Carpenter‘s original 1978 film or its sequels.

“There’s Easter eggs all through this damn movie, which is super fun,” says Green. “My production designer Richard Wright would always have these things to see if I would catch them. In Judy Greer‘s bedroom in the film, there’s a hat on the wall which was in Laurie’s bedroom in the film, and a few of the props from Jamie’s original bedroom are in there. Just deep cuts!”

The new movie also contains a glimpse of the Halloween masks featured in 1982’s Halloween III: Season of the Witch.

“That was Christoper Nelson, our makeup and effects artist,” says Green. “He had the idea of just a fun nod to Season of the Witch, which is a frequently dismissed film in the franchise, but we have a certain affection for it.”

The Easter egg about which Green sounds most jazzed is a new version of an ad-libbed song which appeared in Carpenter’s original slasher classic.

“The other really subtle one that I’m really excited about is when the boy and his father are driving, the song on the radio is the song that Jamie sang in the original,” says the director. “They couldn’t afford the rights to a song for the movie, so John and Jamie freestyled a song: ‘I wish I had you all alone. Just the two of us.’ And then we had a band write a song as if it was recorded in 1978, kind of a country song, that’s playing in the car. John was just laughing out loud [when he heard it]. He was like, ‘Wait, that’s familiar. Oh wait, I wrote that song!’”

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