Forget Sharknado! Clownado is the bizarre new horror film about storm with killer clowns

The Sharknado franchise may have come to an end, but director Todd Sheets is here to supply your much needed fix of ‘so bad it’s good’ entertainment.

From the director’s disturbing mind comes Clownado, an incredibly gory film about a storm with killer clowns. The rest is self-explanatory.

Luckily for you, there’s a trailer you can watch right now. Check it out below.

Speaking to Bloody Disgusting, Sheets said: “The goal with Clownado was to make a damned good, scary and splatter-filled, nonstop roller coaster ride.””It’s something new, fresh, original and unique but also familiar.

He explained that the film uses only practical effects and old style visual effects, making it reminiscent of various horror classics.

“Using only practical special makeup effects and old-school styled visual effects, Clownado has the vibe of classic horror movies we love. Think Evil Dead, Dead Alive, Bad Taste and Texas Chainsaw Massacre if Lucio Fulci was directing, all mixed in a swirling storm of insanity.”

So it seems the torch of insanity has been passed from shark to clown. If that’s even physically possible.

Sharknado came to end after its sixth instalment, a time-travel epic with Nazis, dinosaurs and Noah’s ark called The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time, which premiered on Syfy in the US on August 19.

In August, Sharknado director Anthony Ferrante revealed that the cast actually tried to quit the movie when they found out the film’s title.

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