Exclusive 'Maximum Overdrive' Blu-ray Clip Praises Stephen King's Only Directorial Effort

While he’s had his hand in several screenplays, Stephen King only directed one movie: Maximum Overdrive. Widely panned when released in 1986, the killer truck film has achieved a kind of cult status, where fans admire the film for its goofball charms. Vestron Video is releasing a new Maximum Overdrive Blu-ray this week, and we have an exclusive clip for you below.

Stephen King made his directorial debut in 1986 with Maximum Overdrive, an adaptation of his short story Trucks. It would end up being the only movie the prolific author ever directed, and probably with good reason – it’s not very good. But there’s a somewhat appealing quality to King’s film, which is unapologetically over-the-top and features scenes where soda machines kill people as music from AC/DC blasts. Vestron Video is releasing Maximum Overdrive on Blu-ray for the first time ever, and the disc comes loaded with new featurettes. Sadly, King himself is not involved with any of this new material – he likely wants to forget about this film. But for fans of Maximum Overdrive (who do exist!), this release is for you. We have an exclusive clip from the Blu-ray, which you can watch below. The clip is all about how fun it is to work on a genre picture, as opposed to a boring-old drama.

Maximum Overdrive Blu-ray Clip

Maximum Overdrive Trailer

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