Director Chris McKay says Batman spin-off Nightwing isn't dead yet

Fans of the Batman spin-off series, Nightwing, have been playing the waiting game for almost two years since DC announced that the character would get its own feature film.

But just as they were about to accept that the project might forever be grounded, the director slated to take on the story came to the rescue.

When asked by a keen follower to confirm fears, director Chris McKay reassured them that the movie may yet take flight. “Keep hope alive,” he said mysteriously.

Just one catch. The wait isn’t over. Chris, who also recently directed The LEGO Batman Movie added: “You’re going to have to wait tho (sic).”

He ended his tweet with a quote from the title character behind the Nightwing disguise. “To paraphrase Dick Grayson: Nightwing lives. Always.”

The origin story of Dick Grayson can be traced back to Batman. A circus performer who became orphaned as a child following his parents’ murder, Dick became Bruce Wayne’s sidekick in the form of Robin.

As he moved away from Gotham, Dick took up a new persona, becoming Nightwing.

Earlier this year, Marvel actor Lewis Tan confirmed that he has indeed had talks with DC over the role of superhero Nightwing.

Tan, who has featured in Deadpool 2 (as Shatterstar) and Iron Fist (as the scene-stealing Zhou Cheng), told That Hashtag Show that he would be excited if the discussions led to something official.

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McKay previously hinted that he is open to casting a martial artist for the character after asking his Twitter followers for their input – and Tan certainly fits the bill.

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