Daniel Radcliffe Totally Missed the Harry Potter Reference in His New Play: 'I Miss This Stuff'

Daniel Radcliffe was completely oblivious to a Harry Potter reference in his new play.

The 29-year-old actor is currently starring in the Broadway play The Lifespan of a Fact, which has delighted some fans with its cheeky reference to the film franchise that made Radcliffe an international star.

In the play, Radcliffe stars as Jim Fingal, a tenacious young fact checker who stirs up trouble while checking a news story by writer (Bobby Cannavale).

In a scene, Fingal opens a door under the stairs he believes leads to the basement. It turns out to be a closet under the stairs instead, not unlike the small bedroom that Harry Potter was forced to sleep in by his muggle (non-magical) relatives.

In an interview with Vulture published on Friday, Radcliffe admitted he hadn’t thought of the scene’s subtle connection or nod to Harry Potter.

“It wasn’t at all [related] until people pointed it out to me,” he said. “I miss this stuff, I really don’t think about it. Somebody the other day, at the stage door, asked, ‘Is it an intentional Potter reference?’ No! I wasn’t like, ‘Build a cupboard on this set for me to make a joke about Potter.’”

The actor revealed he could sometimes tell when the audience was laughing at the joke made in the play or at the Potter reference.

“Last night it got a reaction, and I was like, ‘Oh no, that’s people thinking it’s Potter.’ It got almost a round of applause,” he said. “I thought then that I’ve got to find a different way [to play that moment], I can’t encourage that.”

Despite his effort to play the moment differently, Radcliffe said he doesn’t mind when people get excited about moments that reference the film series.

“It’s lovely, that’s the thing. I have this habit of not seeing the references,” he explained. “I did a film about Allen Ginsburg, and the first scene was him dancing around his room with a broom.”

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“He was just sweeping with a broomstick. The first question I got asked doing press was, ‘So did you think of Harry Potter when the first scene is you with glasses and a broom?” Radcliffe said. “And I was like, ‘No, I didn’t, but maybe I should!’ I don’t pick up on those references at all.”

Radcliffe recently reunited with his Harry Potter costar Tom Felton, who came to see the actor’s play.

While Felton’s Draco Malfoy was the sworn enemy of Radcliffe’s Potter, the real-life duo are much closer.

“Go see it. He’s fantastic as per,” Felton wrote alongside the smiling pic.

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