Colm Meaney will be joining star-studded cast including Samuel L Jackson for new film The Banker

Colm Meaney will be joining a star-studded cast including Samuel L Jackson for forthcoming film The Banker.

The Glasnevin actor will also be reunited with Nicholas Hoult, the British actor who rose to fame in teenage cult drama Skins and the X-Men movies.

The pair recently worked together on a biopic of JRR Tolkien, the Lord of the Rings author, which has yet to be released.

In that film, Hoult plays the acclaimed writer and philosopher while Meaney plays Fr Francis Morgan, a family friend and mentor. Lily Collins plays Tolkien’s wife, Edith.

US entertainment publications is now reporting that Meaney has been added to the bill of the fact-based thriller The Banker alongside Michael Harney, who stars in Orange Is The New Black; Paul Ben-Victor from The Wire; and Independence Day actor Jessie T Usher.

The film, based on a true story and set in the 1950s, follows the rise of two African-American entrepreneurs, Bernard Garrett (Anthony Mackie) and Joe Morris (Jackson), who build one of the wealthiest real estate empires in the United States.

The pair recruit a working-class white man, Matt Steiner (Hoult), and position him at the head of their business empire while they pose as a janitor and a chauffeur.

However, as their success soars, so does the risk of their real identities being exposed.


So far there are no details of the part Meaney will play, but it is expected to be a far cry from the iconic character for which he is probably best-known in Ireland, Dessie Curley, in Roddy Doyle’s The Snapper (1993).

Meaney entertained viewers as the head of the Curley family, who must come to terms with his 20-year-old daughter’s pregnancy.

The hilarious adaptation of the book of the same name remains a firm favourite, with Meaney’s role being taken on by Simon Delaney in a stage production last summer. The Curleys were also featured in The Van in 1996.

The Banker is directed by George Nolfi, who wrote the hit Matt Damon film The Bourne Ultimatum, and adapted from a screenplay by Nolfi and Niceole Levy.

Nolfi most recently directed the Bruce Lee biopic, Birth of the Dragon.

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