Can You Guess the Actors Behind These Dramatic Movie Transformations?

Hint: This actor, best known for starring in a critically acclaimed TV drama, does not dress like that IRL.

The House M.D. star is slipping into the old-timey wardrobe of “Mr. Dick” while filming the The Personal History of David Copperfield, opposite Dev Patel.

The actor was spotted on the set of his new film Honey Boy looking completely unrecognizable with long hair extensions and a balding cap. He also sported bushy sideburns and large circular glasses to complete the transformation.

LaBeouf is playing his own father in the loosely autobiographical movie co-written by him. Oscar nominee Lucas Hedges will star as a young LaBeouf in the film that follows a former child star attempting to mend his relationship with his alcohol-abusing father, according to Variety.

Before becoming an Oscar nominee, this actress spent time on the London set of a Mary Queen of Scots back in September 2017.

Robbie’s startling transformation — from her normally glossy blonde locks and flawless skin to a partially shaved head with fiery red hair and a blotchy complexion —  are all part of getting into character for her role as Queen Elizabeth I.

Trading her signature smile for a much more serious expression, the actress made her way through the New York City set of The Goldfinch in March 2018.

Kidman underwent a major transformation with the help of age makeup to take on the role of Mrs. Barbour, an older woman who takes Theodore Decker (Ansel Elgort) under her wing.

This star, on the set of Destroyer, is a total chameleon if you ask us …

Further proof that Kidman is no stranger to taking on unrecognizable roles.

We’ll give you a hint: You are not looking at Liv Tyler.

Are you surprised? Zellweger was dressed head-to-toe as screen legend Judy Garland for an upcoming biopic, Judy.

Starring in Fonzo, this actor went bald and lost his six-pack to portray mob boss Al Capone.

Fonzo is hardly Hardy’s first time undergoing an unrecognizable onscreen transformation. Who can ever forget Bane in The Dark Knight, after all?

The actor didn’t immediately sign on to play this particular role of an assassin. And no, it had nothing to do with his 67-lb. weight gain …

“Mark David Chapman is an example of the failure of humanity, and John Lennon is probably one of the best examples of the most wonderful aspects of humanity,” the Oscar winner told MTV of his decision to play Chapman in 2007’s Chapter 27. “I think that, to explore the uncomfortable and the politically incorrect, is the job of the artist.”

The normally makeup-free star is a pro at shocking moviegoers with her onscreen transformations, but this performance served as one of her more memorable looks …

“The truth is there are a lot of women walking around rocking [magazine editor] Dianna’s look, and I suppose you maybe didn’t ever expect to see me in it,” she told the Huffington Post of her dramatic Trainwreck transformation. “But here we are, and it’s available for everybody. You just have to go to a big makeup counter in a big department store and you, too, can get that look.”

The rapper-turned-actor made it his mission to look the part, in a film about a football player named Deon (the artist’s real-life friend) who was battling cancer. 

“Towards the end it was really difficult,” the rapper, who lost over 50 lbs. to play the part of a cancer patient in 2011’s All Things Fall Apart, told Parade. “It was like, if I don’t get close enough to what my best friend looked like to me at that point before he passed, then I’m not doing the story any justice. The weight started coming off and my manager told me, ‘You better get yourself to a doctor!’”

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