Angela Bassett Sad to Be Left Out of ‘AHS: Apocalypse’: ‘Where’s Marie Laveau?’


Even dead voodoo queens can have FOMO.
In August, Angela Bassett revealed her character Marie Laveau would not be in “American Horror Story: Apocalyse”– “not unless they get some brilliant idea.”
We kinda hoped Ryan Murphy would go ahead and get some brilliant idea, and add her to the “Coven” story, since Season 8 is the “Murder House”/”Coven” crossover season. But that has not happened yet on screen — despite the appearance of many other “Coven” witches — and apparently it has not happened behind-the-scenes either. (Jessica Lange IS coming soon; don’t worry.)
Angela Bassett admitted she’s sad to be left out. Here’s what she told The Hollywood Reporter:

“I have [‘AHS: Apocalypse’] on my DVR, but I haven’t seen any of it just yet. But I mean, come on. Where’s Marie Laveau? I’m even a little bit in my feelings that Marie didn’t come back.”

It’s not like they couldn’t revive Marie, when they’ve revived so many other characters at this point.
But it’s possible her job on Ryan Murphy’s “9-1-1” has kept her from Ryan Murphy’s “Apocalypse.” In a bit of irony, “Apocalypse” will feature the return of Connie Britton, who left “9-1-1” before the currently airing Season 2. We want BOTH ladies on AHS this year!
Bassett went from “AHS: Coven” voodoo queen to queen of Wakanda in “Black Panther”; she told THR she hasn’t heard about any plans for a “Black Panther” sequel at this point — but she’d surely make room in her schedule for that filming.
“AHS: Apocalypse” will air Episode 5 this Wednesday, October 10 on FX. Episode 8 will air on Halloween night itself. According to TheWrap, there will be 10 episodes this season. Is there still a chance Marie could at least cameo?Want more stuff like this? Like us on Facebook.
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