YK Osiris Fumes After Getting Random Calls From People Claiming They Found His $325K Earring

After getting trolled by random people who keep calling his phone following his $60K offer for the missing jewelry, the ‘Worth It’ hitmaker urges everyone to leave him alone.

AceShowbizYK Osiris is getting trolled. The “Worth It” hitmaker fumed after getting random calls from people who claimed that they found his $325,000 earring following his $60,000 offer for the missing jewelry.

On Monday night, December 20, the 23-year-old artist took to his Instagram account to share a video that saw random people making a group FaceTime call. “My number just got leaked and people calling me talking about they found my goddamn earring,” he could be heard saying behind the camera.

After Osiris picked up the video call, one person said while trying to hold back his laughter, “We found it. We found your earring. Come to Miami come and get it.” In response, the “Leave Me On Read” artist answered, “Stop calling my goddamn phone you b***h.”

Osiris captioned the video, “These people really calling my damn phone , talking bout I found it mannnn wtf is wrong With these people.” Not stopping there, he shared a clip of him being pissed off after getting trolled on his Instagram Story. In it, he urged people to stop calling him, shouting, “Leave me alone.”

Prior to the social media troll, Osiris asked everyone for help to find his lavish earring. “I really lost one of my earrings I’m sick. Please if anybody find my other earring can you return them please,” he pleaded in a series of Instagram Story posts. “I’m never getting another pair again I can’t believe this s**t.”

Osiris bought his earrings back in November. After flaunting his new accessories amid his alleged debt with Lil Baby, former NFL wide receiver Chad Ochocinco called him out. In response, Osiris said, “It’s your life and that’s your money. Do what you want to do with it.” He added, “Ochococo mind your mutha….And I’m still rich b***h. Mind your business. Stay in your business.”

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