Yara Shahidi Just Graduated from Harvard!

A gazillion congratulations to Yara Shahidi, who just graduated from freakin’ Harvard University! Yara graduated on Thursday, and she and her family shared a ton of photos and videos of her big day on Instagram.

Vogue reports that Yara studied in Harvard’s Social Studies & African American departments, where she focused on “Black political thought under a neocolonial landscape.” Her thesis paper was titled “I Am a Man: The Emancipation of Humanness from Western Hegemony Through the Lens of Sylvia Wynter” and Yara said writing it “pushed me as an academic, because the question I was asking was one I care about in my everyday life and in the world. For example, ‘What could the future of equality and equity look like?’ My thesis was a moment to connect these past four years of education to something that connects to what I’m passionate about, and have ground myself in my entire life.”


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She also noted that “It’s surreal to have finally hit this major milestone. I’ve known I wanted to go to college since I was four. By 17, I knew exactly what I wanted to study, so to see that come to fruition is a goal fulfilled.”

Now that she’s graduated, Yara will be focusing on acting—but she will still pursue academia. “As somebody that always tries to be socially engaged, I am looking forward to being able to deepen my work,” she said. “My concentration emphasized that by studying our history, and our past and projected futures. I’m most excited by creating opportunities to exercise what I’ve learned—and to be flexible to learn so much more.”

Congratulations, Yara!

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