William H. Macy Cried During Emmy Rossum’s Final ‘Shameless’ Table Read

Macy admitted to getting emotional over saying goodbye to his TV daughter Emmy Rossum.

At the heels of the premiere of Season 9 of Showtime hit Shameless, Emmy Rossum – known for her role as Fiona Gallagher – took to social media to announce her departure from the series.

As those who follow the series know, Emmy’s character has been an integral cast member from the very beginning of the series as she took on the mother role when their own mother had abandoned them. There was even a time where Rossum went to war against their father Frank to become the legal guardian of her siblings.

As the Inquisitr touched based on in an opinion piece, Emmy’s character exiting the storyline isn’t a deal breaker for the series. For the most part, her siblings have all grown up. This includes Debbie who know has a child of her own, Liam who has hit the preteen years, and Carl who transformed from a borderline psychopath that liked to melt things in the microwave to someone who cares for old dying dogs until they pass on naturally.

Moreover, Lip has more or less stepped in the shoes Fiona previously filled and took over when she separated from the family to go on her own personal business ventures. So, writing her character out makes sense as she’s all grown up and moving on with her life.

Having been together for a decade working on Shameless, it makes sense that the cast members would grow a little attached to each other. After all, several of the cast members transitioned from teenagers to adults as the series progressed.

Speaking exclusively to Entertainment Tonight, William H. Macy revealed Emmy’s final table read as Fiona for the series was especially emotional for him.

“I’m the one that blew it. We did a table read for her last episode, I cried right in the middle of the table read in front of everyone,” the actor admitted.

“It was so bad and my voice turned into some weird voice I’d never heard as I was trying to muscle through it and then everybody else started crying, so at least I didn’t look like a complete jerk.”

Macy admitted to finding some relief when his emotional outburst caused a bit of a domino effect as other cast members started to cry as well.

After Rossum announced her departure from the show, Macy admitted to being saddened by the news. He, however, was also understandable and excited to see what the actress did with her future. He believed she is young, in the prime of her career, and destined for great things.

Season 9 of Shameless airs every week on Sunday night only on Showtime. This week’s episode is going to be especially challenging for fans as they say goodbye to another member of the Gallagher family as Cameron Monaghan announced it would be his final episode as Ian.

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