Why Amanda Bynes Is Turning Down EVERY Interview, From Networks To YouTube

Amanda Bynes may be free from her conservatorship, but she’s not quite ready to step back into the spotlight.

According to TMZ, the Nickelodeon alum has been approached by several huge networks and personalities, including CBSGayle King and YouTuber Logan Paul, about sitting down for an interview — but the starlet isn’t prepared to do so just yet.

Bynes’ attorney David A. Esquibias told the outlet the She’s the Man star has been flooded with interview offers, especially in the past five days, but stressed that his client is not ready to answer questions at the moment. Amanda isn’t just being hounded by the aforementioned personalities either: publications like the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, the Wall Street Journal, Elle, and Vanity Fair have all reached out in hopes of landing an interview.

The outlet also reports that “every entertainment and morning show” has requested an on-camera face to face with the actress. Meanwhile, several production companies have reached out to her team with pitches about a reality show and documentaries.

But understandably, Amanda reportedly wants to lay low for a while. Her lawyer insists that while the fashion student isn’t ready to put herself out in the media right now, she hasn’t ruled out an interview for the future.

As we reported, the 35-year-old was initially put under the legal arrangement after a string of disconcerting incidents in 2013. She was later diagnosed with both bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, but has since gotten help. On Tuesday, Judge Roger L. Lund announced that the conservatorship was no longer required, noting that Amanda has “done everything the court has asked over a long period of time.”

Amanda was ecstatic over the news. She took to Instagram to celebrate, posting a headline about the ruling with a caption that read:

“I’m a bird that now I can fly!”

She later told E! News:

“Words can’t even describe how I feel. Wonderful news.”

Tamar Arminak, an attorney for Bynes’ mother Lynn — who was appointed her conservator in 2013 — told E! News on Tuesday that the mother was “very happy and proud of Amanda for everything that she’s done and come through, and how she’s stronger and better on other side of this conservatorship.” The statement continued:

“Lynn is looking forward to Amanda’s engagement and everything that follows and to having a mother-daughter relationship rather than a conservator-conservatee relationship.”

Meanwhile, Esquibias told TMZ the All That alum is looking “forward to completing her bachelor’s degree and living her life” now that the conservatorship has ended.

We’re so happy that Amanda can enjoy her own life, and we can’t wait to hear from her — whenever she’s ready to talk, of course. Take your time, girl!

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