Washing machine cleaning tablets, chunky boots & washable kitchen rugs

From CB: I bought the Maybelline Sky High Mascara and it’s excellent! It makes it look like you’re wearing natural-looking falsies. My only complaint is that it makes my eyelashes so long they bump the top of my lids. I need to use a QTip to clean them, but they look gorgeous and last a long time. You’ll also need a lash comb, this one looks decent. I also reordered the Wet and Forget Shower Cleaner we’ve featured a few times. It’s great on shower doors especially and helps prevent mold in showers and baths. Here are some more products Hecate and I are looking at on Amazon.

A no-pull harness for easier dog walks

From CB: I have a new German Shepherd puppy and he’s excellent at walking with me, although I’m trying to train him not to pull. I’ve gone through three other harnesses including a standard strap harness, an easy walk harness and one for the car which he chewed through. I bought this harness from RabbitGoo a few years ago for my friend’s dog and purchased it again for my dog. It works well to keep him from pulling, it’s reflective and it can also be used with the hook seatbelt for the car that came with the other harness. This harness has over 137,000 ratings, 4.5 stars and a B on Fakespot. It has both front and top hooks and is affordable at under $27 for all sizes, small to x-large. Dog owners love it. “I can now walk my dog without him dragging me down the street! It’s like walking a different dog.” “This harness has made SUCH a difference to our walks – I no longer dread taking Jack out!“ Let me know if you want toy recommendations. This was a big hit.

An indoor camera for peace of mind when you’re away

I wanted an inexpensive camera to monitor my puppy in his pen when I’m away. I bought this under $32 pan and scan camera from BluRams and it was so easy to set up! I didn’t pay for a subscription yet, but you can use an SD card to record without paying more. The app is straightforward and intuitive, it has an alarm feature you can activate remotely and you can talk through the camera too. This camera has almost 16,300 ratings, 4.3 stars and a B on Fakespot. Reviewers find it as easy to use as I do. “We bought these to use as a pet camera for watching our dog when we’re not at home. The cameras are small and easy to set up. Once you get them positioned and hooked up to the wifi you simply download the blurams app and voila you can view whatever your camera sees! We have one camera in our living room area and one in the bedroom. The cameras generally do a pretty good job of detecting motion when the dog moves from room to room.” “We just got a pup and wanted to watch him while we were gone, and wanted to be able to redirect him if we saw him getting into anything. This has been great. Also worked well to get the kids attention!”

Washing machine cleaning tablets for fresher clothes

These washing machine cleaner tablets by Active are a lot more affordable than competing brands at $16 for 24 tablets. They’re said to really get rid of mold, mildew and bad smells that can linger and keep your clothes from smelling fresh. They have over 27,000 ratings and 4.6 stars which ReviewMeta confirms. People say they really clean the gunk out of their washing machines. “One time and it totally got rid of all of the mold, algae, gunk, or whatever that stuff was in the machine. I did use two tablets instead of one, but it cleaned my washer drum spectacularly!” “I put one tablet in the drum and selected quick wash with hot water setting, 30 mins later I opened the door and the drum was sparkling clean! Not to mention it eliminated the funky smells too.”

The best selling eyelash adhesive for easy application and removal

From Hecate: There’s nothing worse than getting your flirt on and your eyelash adhesive gives out, leaving your lash on your cheek. KISS is a best-selling beauty line and their stuff is consistent. So it’s no surprise they have the best-selling eyelash adhesive on Amazon. They offer it in black latex ($7) or clear ($4), both formaldehyde free. They offer the lashes, liner and kits too. And like I said, they are well-known, with almost 100,000 reviews and 4.5 stars on ReviewMeta. Customers say it keeps lashes in place for more than just one wear and are waterproof, “I really like this glue. It holds really well and my lashes stay on for a couple of days.” Basically, reviewers said it’s everything you want in a glue, “It’s easy to put on and it lasts all day. It’s also easy to take off leaving little residue afterwards.” And it’s only $4!

Low heeled vegan boots to up your style this fall

From Hecate: I’m recommending these booties because they are on sale this week! These Soda Pilot low heeled boots are normally $100 but this week they are $30. And, not only is Soda Pilot a small business, the boot is 100% synthetic, so the shoes are vegan. They come in seven very cute colors, all which would jazz up your autumn looks. I love the white patent ones. They come in 5 ½ to 11 (womens) and they are simple pull ons with elastic sides. But a few customers said they run a little small so go half a size up, especially if you wear big socks. They earned 4.2 stars from ReviewMeta from over 2,000 reviews. Customers said they aren’t too clunky either, “Good value for price. Super lightweight.” This one just confirmed everything I thought, “I wanted white boots, but struggled to find a good price. These were perfect and have been a staple for my fall/winter wardrobe!”

Non-slip, washable, waterproof kitchen rugs

From Hecate: I love my kitchen rug because it’s the perfect color, but it gets so dirty. And it doesn’t stay in place. These rugs fit the cleanable and stayable boxes. But they also have “anti-fatigue” in their title and that intrigues me. They are, in fact, ergonomically designed to help with posture and circulation. I don’t know how I feel about my kitchen rug being smarter than me, but I’m willing to find out! It comes in six different colors that should match most kitchens and two sizes two accommodate a variety of spaces. The smaller one is $30 and the larger is $43 on sale this week. They are pretty popular too, with over 34,000 reviews and 4.3 stars confirmed by ReviewMeta. Customers say they’ve held up well, “I really like that it is soft to stand on and easy to clean. It seems to be holding up well to the abuse that I hurl on it.” And they work in more than just the kitchen, “A padded “rug” that feels great while standing in one spot. I use it in the kitchen and bathroom where I stand over a counter.” One warning, a few customers with cats warn they like to claw these.

Long-lasting renewed wireless headphones for affordable quality

From Hecate: I got my daughter these Renewed Anker Soundcore wireless headphones and they are possibly the only ones that have held up. I only had to replace them because she left them on the airplane. They have decent sound quality and can endure a teenager who almost never takes them off. Not only are they tough, they hold a charge for some time. And because they are renewed, they are a part of Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly agreement so you can feel better about the purchase, both about the environmental impact and the price which was $60 but is now $45. Over 1,200 customers gave them 4.4 stars that ReviewMeta confirmed. And they confirmed these work, this one used them working on a mower, “​​Use this product while on the mower for hrs can barely hear the mower.” And Gen Xers rejoice, it holds the bass, “I love the bass boost. Although I am by no means a bass head, the bass on these Q20s is near perfect for the 70s-80s rock that I mainly listen to.”

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