VF: Duchess Meghan ‘had brilliant ideas, but she was always in a hurry’

Vanity Fair has two interesting pieces on this Royals at War book we’ve been discussing for the past week or so. The book’s authors are Dylan Howard and Andy Tillett. Howard was some kind of gossip wunderkind at American Media Inc, home of the National Enquirer among other American tabloids. Howard also played a role in the larger Enquirer “catch and kill” controversy, where Enquirer boss David Pecker was paying Donald Trump’s mistresses for the exclusives on their stories, only to bury their stories and leave them unpublished. VF did a detailed story on all of the background on Howard and how he’s basically just amplifying the same stories he wrote about for AMI into this book. Which is why there’s so much stale tea, because I remember reading most of these “stories” more than a year ago.

Meanwhile, VF also had some additional quotes from Royals at War, and they packaged it within a story about how Harry and Meghan actually did learn some stuff from their work-hard royal years, which is why they’re taking their time with the Archewell launch:

The delay in launching Archewell: “They are in no hurry to launch Archewell , they want to get it right, that’s really important to them,” said a source. “This is something that they want to do for the rest of their lives so they’re not going to be pressured into launching something that’s still in the relatively early stages of development.”

All of the work they are doing will go into Archewell: “Everything they’re doing at the moment is part of Archewell,” a source said. “Whether Covid, BLM or their ongoing charity work, it’s all part of how they’re working on Archewell and developing their work and focus going forward. Their team have been working on hate speech issues, and tech-for-good behind the scenes since the beginning of the year. It was the focus of their visit to Stanford in February.”

Royals At War claims Meghan did too much too fast: The new royal book Royals At War revisiting claims that Meghan drove palace staff “to distraction” by rushing into supporting projects without properly thinking things through, and “without proper research.” Sources close to the Sussexes say the book is based on rumour rather than fact, but it is no secret that Meghan clashed with some palace officials… According to one senior palace source, while Meghan’s drive was commended by some, she was urged to slow down by experienced courtiers concerned that she was taking on too much.

Meghan & Harry wanted everything to happen too fast: “You can say what you want about Meghan, but she works incredibly hard,” said a source who has worked with the Sussexes. “The problem is she and Harry have a tendency to hatch big projects over dinner and expect them to be actioned within days. Meghan had brilliant ideas, but she was always in a hurry and aides had to sit down and explain that foundations and big projects take thought, time and commitment, they cannot be rushed.”

Again, they’re taking their time: Now it seems the couple are heeding that advice and taking their time. Under the guidance of a new PR team they are hatching a long term plan to become global philanthropists and high-profile public speakers. “They have learned from the mistakes of the past and taking their time with Archewell,” said a well-placed source. “They want to get the next stage right.”

[From Vanity Fair]

Let’s be real: courtiers told Meghan to slow down for many reasons. I buy that some courtiers were legitimately annoyed that Meghan expected huge projects to be launched in a short time, but let’s also remember that those courtiers are used to the glacial pace set by the other royals. It literally took the Duchess of Cambridge nine years to “launch” a five-question struggle survey, which is looking more and more like it was just fake busy-work for a vapid duchess. Which is the other reason why Meghan was told to slow down: because she was clearly and immediately overshadowing Kate. So it’s jealousy from Kate, plus the same complaint as always: how dare Meghan have a work ethic and expect staffers to work? As for the “delay” in launching Archewell… I get that they’re developing everything and that they want to take their time. I’m just disappointed that we won’t really have a big splashy launch event this year.

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