Vanessa Bryant Files Damning New Evidence Against Her Mother's Money Claims In Ongoing Financial Support Lawsuit

Vanessa Bryant has responded in the ongoing lawsuit involving her mother Sofia Laine‘s claim that she is entitled to lifetime financial support from her daughter and the late Kobe Bryant‘s empire.

In a new legal filing first obtained by TMZ on Monday, the 38-year-old mother and grieving widow has filed new evidence with the court that would seem to seriously contradict Sofia’s claim.

As you may recall from our earlier reporting, the 68-year-old previously stated Kobe had promised to “take care of” her financially “for the rest of her life” prior to his untimely and tragic death in a helicopter crash alongside daughter Gianna last January. To that end, in a lawsuit filed in the middle of December of last year, Laine sued to attempt to make Bryant’s estate make good on that alleged promise.

Vanessa’s mother has further claimed in other filings that she worked for the family for a long time as an unpaid “personal assistant and nanny,” and is thus entitled to back pay and financial support due to that, as well. But now, in Monday’s filing, Kobe’s widow has clapped back HARD.

In Vanessa’s new evidence, she cites prior court docs from the mid-2000s in which Sofia’s ex-husband claimed he should not have to pay her spousal support after a divorce because she was being supported by Kobe and Vanessa. In response, Sofia filed docs claiming that her daughter and famous son-in-law had “no obligation” to support her financially. The ex-husband reportedly went so far as to leak allegations to tabloids that Vanessa had bought Sofia a $1 million home at the time, too.

Laine strongly denied that claim in court docs, calling the home purchase “absolutely false” and adding this potentially-damning claim in the official record (below):

“I would never permit Vanessa to do such a thing . I have not and do not (nor should I be required to) rely on Vanessa for my support.”


That one line could be huge — because it’s strong proof already filed in court that shows Sofia directly saying how she is not entitled to, or expecting, any financial support from Kobe’s estate. And now, years later, she’s demanding support from Kobe’s estate. So, which is it?! Using Laine’s own words against her, 20 years later… Seems like a pretty shrewd strategy!

Vanessa’s attorneys have another angle to argue against Sofia, as well. According to TMZ, the legal team believes that Sofia was late in filing a creditor’s claim on the Bryant estate — which was required to have been done within one year of Kobe’s death. They claim she was late in filing, which could hold her up when it comes time to collect through the estate, or keep her locked out completely. For now, everything is still up in the air; a judge still has to rule about the future of the ongoing case.

Whatever happens, it’s clear there isn’t a lot of love lost in this contentious family battle…

What do U think, Perezcious readers? Sound off with your take on the legal battle between Vanessa and her mom down in the comments (below)…

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