Tristan Thompson's Alleged Baby Momma Admits She FAKED DMs From Khloé Kardashian!

Tristan Thompson’s maybe-baby momma is sorry for deceiving y’all!

According to, Kimberly Alexander admitted to faking the DM she initially claimed was sent to her by Khloé Kardashian in relation to the ongoing drama surrounding her alleged love child with the NBA star.

On her Instagram Stories, the model — who goes by Kim Cakery on social media — confessed to doctoring the message and issued an apology, writing:

“The post I made yesterday was fake and I apologize for going about it the way I did.”

We presume she’s also sorry about getting caught, as her admission comes a day after the publication obtained a real screenshot of the fake interaction between Kimberly and Khlo. (Click HERE to see.)

Moreover, a source close to the KUWTK star told the outlet:

“Kimberly’s doctored it to make it look like Khloe DM’d her, but Khloe never did. In fact, she has been messaging Khloe, and Khloe has not been responding to recent DMs and tags by Kimberly.”

Well, at least Miz Cakery owned up to her sketchy behavior — but she’s far from finished with the famous couple!

Following her apology, the IG vixen doubled down on her accusations against Tristan, ranting that she was “fed up” with Koko’s “bogus energy” and wanted a second paternity test because Tristan had allegedly taken the first one at a “Kardashian affiliated facility.” She wrote:

“You expect me to believe that the inhome test he took was accurate?? Especially one associated with a family known for scandals and sweeping things under the rug… something you can sweep under the rug KHLOE.”

Kim then fired more shots at the athlete, writing:

“Tristan Thompson is a scumbag womanizer which everyone knows.”

Adding that she was “100%” certain the athlete is her baby daddy, Kim is asking for a second paternity test to be done at a facility of her choosing.

She also apparently has more tricks up her sleeve, based on the aforementioned screenshot, which shows Kim sending a message to Khlo seemingly threatening to release a sex tape between her and Thompson that was sent sometime before May 10, 2020. She allegedly wrote:

“I can’t wait till the real news comes out you can’t pay off the blogs for the sextape that will be released.”

Yikes! But could she be lying about that, too?

The screenshot also revealed the message doctored to look like it was from Koko was actually written by Kim. She said:

“Listen at this point I really want to get this resolved. I’m not trying to drag this any longer. How can we set up a second test and be done with this. We all know T is a liar how can we do this and put it behind us?”

The screenshot also showed KK had restricted Alexander on IG so that the model wouldn’t know if her messages had been read. While the Good American mogul hasn’t directly commented on the DM fakery, she possibly referenced it in a tweet sent out on Monday, writing:

‘“I mean…. the extent people go through.”

We have to say, this does not bode well for Kim Cakery, who Thompson recently requested a $100,000 judgement against for her ongoing claims that he is the father of her young son.

What do U think will come of this, Perezcious readers?

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