Tristan Thompson Wins $50,000 Victory In Libel Lawsuit Against Paternity Accuser Kimberly Alexander

Finally, a win for Tristan Thompson.

He may have screwed things up (again) with Khloé Kardashian, but at least he scored a victory in court. The basketball player has been locked in a legal battle with Kimberly Alexander, who claimed he was the father of her son. Despite a negative paternity test proving otherwise, the model persisted with her claims, leading Tristan to file a libel lawsuit.

On Tuesday, Kimberly was ordered to pay the Boston Celtics star $50,000 in general damages and $2,901.95 in costs, according to E! News. The damages were awarded in a conditional default judgment. (The condition in question regards the athlete filing a dismissal of 10 additional, anonymous Doe defendants that he believed to be “responsible in some manner” for the damages.)

Court documents from the judgment, obtained by the outlet, read:

“Plaintiff contends DNA test results revealed he is not the father.”

The 30-year-old had initially sued his accuser for $100,000, for “damages for loss of reputation, shame, mortification, and hurt feelings.” He claimed that he had not received an endorsement deal since January 2020, connecting this fact to her assertions about paternity. E! News reported the judge found “insufficient evidence” that the paternity drama was the sole reason for his lack of endorsements, thus bumping the dollar amount down by half.

We can’t disagree with the judge on that one — Tristan has done plenty of damage to his own reputation all by himself. Still, the model stirred up a ton of drama for True Thompson’s parents, implying Tristan had cheated with her, posting faked DMs from Khloé on her Instagram, and then claiming she had been hacked and never posted any of it at all.

KoKo actually threatened her own lawsuit if Kimberly persisted in dragging her name into it. In a cease and desist letter, the reality star’s lawyer stated that she “continued to make outrageous defamatory smears about Khloé, harassing her and trying to drag her into the paternity drama that you have persisted in contriving notwithstanding that a DNA test from one of the nation’s top labs confirmed that Mr. Thompson is not the father of your child,” per Page Six.

This is definitely a win for her baby daddy, but at this point, we have to imagine the Good American founder is just happy to have washed her hands of this situation. It’s time she lived her best single girl life, while Tristan continues to put out these kinds of fires, which tend to crop up when you’re a serial cheater. Best of luck to him!

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