Transgender Ex-Navy SEAL Kristin Beck Not Scared of President Trump

President Trump’s attack on the transgender community doesn’t have retired Navy SEAL Kristin Beck running scared … she’ll continue doing what she does best — fight for her life without fear.

Beck — a transgender woman and former SEAL Team 6 member — tells TMZ, Trump’s assault on her community is part and parcel of what she deals with every day. Fact is, she says when she walks out the door she knows there are people who are so filled with hate they want to kill her.

The former SEAL, with a Bronze Star and Purple Heart, tells us Trump’s plan — enacting a new policy that would cement everyone’s sexual identity by their genitalia at birth — is the action of an angry man.

Check out the vid … Beck’s got a message for every race and gender Trump’s attacked, and how they can all band together.

BTW … Beck’s clashed with Trump in the past. So you know she’s ready to fight.

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