'Tom and I never discuss politics but he loves talking about acting', says Jenny Dixon

Actress Jenny Dixon has said she and her TD husband Tom Neville never discuss politics together as he has a different circle of confidantes for those kind of issues.

The former Fair City star, who played Kerri-Ann, married the Limerick politician in a glitzy ceremony last July.

However, Dixon said thorny issues like Brexit, or the recent ‘votegate’ scandal, are not something the pair of them would ever discuss at the dinner table.

“He tends to have his own people for that because his dad Dan was a politician for so long,” the actress said.

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“That’s his world and it’s a world he grew up in, all his life.

“So when it’s something that’s breaking like that, his dad is usually his confidante – he’s on his speed-dial.

“When people love something it’s just in their blood.

“He doesn’t go, ‘So this is the latest’ because a lot of his work is private in his clinics and it would be confidential stuff.”

Dixon said that her husband loves hearing about her work, given that he’s also an actor, and he has just finished filming a new short called Everything Looks Better In The Sunshine.

“He’s really interested in acting himself. He’s just been in a short film with Patrick McDonnell, who played Eoin McLove in Father Ted,” Dixon said.

“He loves talking about scripts or auditions and hearing about all that kind of stuff.”

The pair also divide their time between Limerick and Dublin as they adjust to married life but she said they spend as much time together as possible, given their hectic schedules.

Dixon often finds herself in London or Dublin for work reasons, saying it’s “wherever I leave my hat in a way” in terms of having a permanent base.

“You can take your lifestyle with you, so we’re together as much of the time as we can be, whether it’s Limerick or it’s Dublin, wherever it is,” she said.

This Christmas, she will step into her first ever panto role taking on the Fairy Godmother in this year’s Cheerios pantomime, Cinderella.

Co-starring Alan Hughes and Michele McGrath and taking place in the custom-built ‘panto dome’ at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dixon said that she’s “so excited” about her first major musical theatre role, as it’s an area that she loves.

“I’ve always loved the idea of playing a fairy, that role and that character, so I can’t wait to start working on it all and see what I can bring to it,” the actress said.

“It will be a totally new experience too, which I’m loving.”

Despite this being Dixon’s first Christmas as a married woman, she doesn’t even mind working over the Yuletide season as she thinks that it’s “lovely” to be working at that time.

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