Timothee Chalamet's Premiere Outfit Explodes On Twitter

Timothee Chalamet is no stranger to making bold wardrobe choices … and his latest outfit has done just that, sending social media into a frenzy.

Timothee stepped out Friday for The Venice Film Festival’s red carpet premiere of his new romantic horror film, “Bones & All”, directed by Luca Guadagnino … but, it’s not just the movie that has people talking, it’s Chalamet’s red get-up.

The design is a backless/halter top style … and while some on social media are dragging him with sexist comments, most are eating it up.

One user wrote, “I love #TimotheeChalamet‘s bold fashion choices and how he’s unafraid to go against the grain. Clothes have no gender. Soft fabrics and bright colors doesn’t turn someone into the opposite gender. If someone identifies as a man and wears a dress, he’s still man.”

Another user playfully commented, “yassified mr. krabs”.

“Bones and All” doesn’t drop until November, but you can guarantee Chalamet will give the people plenty more to talk about as it premieres at events throughout the world.

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