‘This Is Us’ Recap: Jack Is Haunted By His Past & Zoe Opens Up To Kevin

The Nov. 13 episode of ‘This Is Us’ traveled back to Jack’s Vietnam days, where we learned more about what haunted Jack after the war. Plus, Zoe shared a painful secret about her past.

Jack and Nicky finally come face-to-face after Jack enlists in the war. Their reunion is charged, and Nicky’s not exactly happy to see Jack. He doesn’t even know if Jack’s really there. “Don’t touch me. Don’t look at me. I’m not here,” Nicky says. Jack just wants to help his little brother, who is clearly suffering. He’s also been charged with article 15, which is unbecoming conduct.

Jack goes to Nicky’s superior, Major Dawson, to ask for help. Jack wants to get Nicky squared away and back on track. “He’s not cut out for this. That’s why I’m here,” Jack says. Major Dawson refuses to help Jack out. Jack’s not giving up without a fight. He’s going to save his brother. Later, Jack sees the mystery woman with the necklace in the night. She runs off when she sees his gun. Major Dawson drops off Nicky to Jack and tells him that he has two weeks to get Nicky straight. “You should have left me to rot,” Nicky spits at his brother when he arrives.

Rebecca and Jack go on their road trip to Los Angeles, and Jack says he needs to pay a visit to some people along the way. Jack and Rebecca get to know each other on so many levels — emotionally, intimately, and more. But there’s still so much Jack isn’t telling Rebecca about his past, specifically Vietnam. He tells her why he can’t tell her about Vietnam. He says he “doesn’t want to bring that part of my life” into their relationship.

Later, Jack goes to see the parents of Roger, one of the soldiers he was in charge of during the war. He tells them what happened to their son as best he can. He admits he let his guard down and taking his eye off Roger was the “worst thing I did.” Roger’s dad says that his son’s death wasn’t Jack’s fault. Those words finally give Jack some peace. Jack and Rebecca reunite, and he sweetly calls her “Bec” for the first time. Rebecca’s trip hasn’t been successful in regards to her music, but her relationship with Jack made incredible progress. He asks her to sing to him, and he breaks down in tears in front of her for the first time.

In the present day, Kevin and Zoe have made it to Vietnam. Kevin learns that Zoe’s father actually lives in China. She doesn’t want Kevin to post anything of her on his social media because her father will try and reach out. Kevin realizes that Zoe’s never mentioned anything about her family. He tries to talk to her about it, but she quickly changes the subject. Later, Zoe opens up to Kevin, after he tells her that he’s in love with her. She reveals that her father sexually abused her when she was little. He’s tried to contact her and make amends, but she doesn’t want anything to do with her father. She’s moved on.

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