The Weeknd Narrowly Misses Getting Pummeled In The Middle Of His Concert By Falling Stage Equipment

The Weeknd had a seriously close call on Oct. 21 when an unknown object fell from above the stage and almost hit him during a performance in Mexico City.

Eek! The Weeknd, 28, almost got hit by an object that randomly fell from the stage during his outdoor performance in Mexico City, Mexico on Oct. 21 and we can’t believe how close of a call it was! The singer posted a video of the scary incident but made light of the situation with a funny caption. “MEXICO FORECAST: STORMY WITH A CHANCE OF FALLING OBJECTS,” the amusing caption read. In the video, The Weeknd can be seen singing “Party Monster” as he walks to the edge of the stage and right after he stops, the black piece of equipment falls, just barely missing him. The “Can’t Feel My Face” crooner didn’t flinch at all though and just kept right on singing as if nothing happened.

Although it’s unclear what kind of equipment fell at the show, it’s not too surprising considering the storm that was going on during The Weeknd’s performance. It was extremely windy and raining pretty hard throughout the entire set so that was mostly likely the cause of the piece falling. The rough weather conditions didn’t stop the fans from coming out and enjoying the show though, and from The Weeknd’s latest posts, it seems he was having the time of his life performing for the crowd.

It’s a good thing The Weeknd is enjoying his shows since he’s set to perform in Mexico City again on Oct. 22. Luckily, the weather is expected to be clear this time so hopefully everyone will stay safe and they’ll be no more falling objects!

The Weeknd released his latest EP, My Dear Melancholy back in March and he’s been performing in various cities to help promote it. We look forward to seeing what he gets up to next!

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