‘The Voice’ Live Blog: Night 5 Of Blind Auditions Begins

The Blind Auditions continue on ‘The Voice’ with part 5 of the world’s most powerful singers hitting the stage in hopes of a chair turn! — Follow along with our live blog for timely updates!

The Blind Auditions on The Voice continue! It’s night five of the beginning portion of the competition, where the best singers from around the world will take the stage in hopes of getting just one chair turn form the four judges — Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, Jennifer Hudson and Adam Levine! Follow along with our recap, below. And, if you need to catch up on last week’s episode first, check it out here!

NATALIE BRADY — The 33-year-old Nashville native is a single mother of two, is raising her son and daughter, while singing shows at night for tips. She wants to show them she is chasing her dreams, and they can too. She sings “Barracuda” by Heart and  she stuns Adam with her rock and roll, rugged voice. Chair turns (in order): Adam, J. Hud. — She chooses Team Adam.

HANNAH BLAYLOCK — The 31-year-old Arkansas native explains how she found success early on in her career. She was in a band that was once signed by a country record label, and toured with Rascal Flatts and Blake Shelton to name a few. Then, she had to step away from the band because it was just a tough lifestyle. Rascal Flatts even sent her a sweet video message. Hannah sings “Baby, Now That I’ve Found You” by Alison Krauss. Chair turns: None.

MIKE PARKER — The former D1 football player, now 23, explains how he had everything going for him. He got a slew of scholarships for football after school, but they were all withdrawn because his grades were not good. Now, he works construction for his father. But, he does open mic nights on the side. He sings Ne-Yo‘s “So Sick and nearly doesn’t get a chair turn until J. Hud gives him a chance at the very last second! — Chair turns: J. Hud. — Team J. Hud.

JOEY GREEN — The 35-year-old Texas singer runs a screen printing business as his full time job. He considers himself an American-Pop singer, but he can also sing rock. He explains how his sound is similar to the Goo Goo Dolls. Joey sings “Baba O’Reily” by The Who with his guitar. — Chair turns: J. Hud, Blake — Team J. Hud.

ZAXAI — He is the ultimate family man, and his family is from Haiti and he says their culture is very strong. He hustles and sings, while working as an usher at Radio City. He performs “Come and Get Your Love” by Redbone and shines. From his beautiful voice and animated personality, Zaxai is the optima of the total package — he can sing, dance, entertain and everything else a star is. He’s going to be J. Hud’s weapon, because she BLOCKED Kelly’s chair turn! Let’s just say, Zaxai is a clear frontrunner. — Chair turns: J. Hud, Kelly. — Team J. Hud.

ERIKA ZADE — The 20-year-old Miami native explains how she grew up in a Cuban household, but explains her sound as “dark, pop singer.” She goes to a college for music, and feels like she’s taking action to further herself in her career by auditioning for The Voice. Erika sings a rendition of “New Rules” by Dua Lipa, and literally sounded like she was straight off the radio. Erika has a precise and very mature, bada–, unique voice. And, she’s sassy. She tells Blake she once gave her demo CD to him at a CMA Fest and he signed it and gave it to another fan… LOL! — Chair turns: Kelly. — She chooses Team Kelly.

Here’s the team standings so far: 

Team Kelly: Sarah Grace; Mikele Buck; Claire DeJean; Chevel Shepherd; Delaney Silvernell; Kymberli Joye; Sandyredd; Erika Zade;

Team Blake: Kameron Marlowe; Michael Lee; Keith Paluso; Mercedes Ferreira-Dias; Dave Fenley; Rachel Messer; Chris Kroeze;

Team Adam: Tyke James; Radha; DeAndre Nico; Steve Memmolo; Anthony Arya; Foushee; Reagan Strange; Natalie Brady;

Team J. Hud: Tyshawn Colquitt; Franc West; Patrique Fortson; Kennedy Holmes; Audri Bartholomew; Natasia Greycloud; MaKENZIE Thomas; Mike Parker; Joey Green; Zaxai;

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