The Sussexes will ‘snub an invite’ from Charles to go to the UK for Christmas

Interestingly enough, we don’t know the extent to which Prince Harry and King Charles communicate. That was unclear during the mourning period and funeral in September too. I would imagine there were moments in September when Harry and Charles spoke directly (especially when Charles was apparently making a point of telling Harry that Meghan was banned from Balmoral), but I would imagine much of what happened during that period was done through third parties. We also know that Charles and Harry were in communication earlier this year, especially during the Fakakta Jubbly. Charles reportedly asked Harry to not talk about their calls and in-person chats, and so far, Harry has honored his father’s request. Which means that whatever we hear about the relationship between father and son is from Charles’s camp. Which makes stories like this kind of interesting. “Sources” tell the Mirror that the Sussexes will not spend Christmas in the UK this year, and that they will “snub” an invitation from Charles. Hm.

Prince Harry will not spend Christmas with the royals after fresh details emerged from his explosive memoir, sources revealed. They said relations are at “near rock bottom” and the Duke of Sussex will snub an invite from King Charles ahead of the book’s global release on January 10. Titled ‘Spare’ in reference to him growing up in the shadow of the heir Prince William, the book has already sent shockwaves through the royals.

Insiders said it was hoped there would be a “thawing of relations” between the warring relatives after the Queen’s death. Harry and his wife Meghan had a low-key return to Britain during the mourning period last month.

But sources said they have “no plans” to again join the family, including William and his wife Kate, for their first Christmas without the Queen at Sandringham Estate in Norfolk.

One insider said the royals were this week “completely caught by surprise” with the title of the book and further details of how Harry would deliver “raw, unflinching honesty”.

The duke is set to delve into the most controversial elements of his royal life. One source added: “This book could spell the end for any relationship Harry wants to have with his family, it’s desperately sad. Everyone is bracing themselves for yet another fraught and frantic period at the mercy of the Sussexes.”

[From The Daily Mirror]

Imagine being this torn up about the TITLE of a book. For Whom The Bell Tolls? *faints* The Great Gatsby? *panic vomits* To Kill a Mockingbird? *violent shaking* It’s just, like, y’all have known that Harry was writing his memoir this whole time? Did you not consider that he was going to give it a punchy title? And no, the funeral did not mark a thawing of relations. It could have been a thawing, but the Windsors had to make asses out of themselves and go out of their way to snub Harry and Meghan repeatedly, so no, there was no thaw.

If Charles had the good sense God gave a goose, he would openly invite the Sussexes to Sandringham for Christmas with no strings attached, and then when Spare comes out weeks later, the Palace could issue a statement saying that it’s old news and that the famously dysfunctional family is trying to make peace and amends privately. It really would be that f–king simple, but Charles can’t problem-solve his way out of a wet paper bag.

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