The Middle star warns Hollywood stars it’s ‘extremely easy to become a monster’

Eden Sher, 31, landed a role as Sue Heck on ABC’s The Middle when she was just a teen herself, continuing in the role until the show’s end in 2018.

While Sue Heck was becoming a household name, Eden shared her struggle to become her own person, leading to an identity crisis because she was tethered to a fictional adolescent.

A lot of success came with starring in The Middle, with Eden telling that she can see how easy it is to let fame get to your head, sending a warning to Hollywood’s child stars.

When asked how she adjusted to fame, Eden explained: “It was interesting, because I never thought too highly of myself to begin with if I’m honest! So when suddenly people are telling me that I’m ‘amazing’, ‘perfect!’ ‘hilarious!’ It was definitely a challenge to navigate the bulls**t from the truth.

“But I think having a healthy base of insecurity and self-doubt is necessary if you’re going to experience any kind of success in the entertainment industry as if you don’t, it is EXTREMELY easy to become an absolute monster.”

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Eden also admitted she got so lost in Sue Heck that she didn’t get to have the same childhood experiences we all have.

She continued: “Normally between the ages of 17 to 26, you’re travelling, or at university, or just finding yourself on your own for the first time – having experiences to help you establish the person you are.

“However, I spent that time playing a fictional person and then playing out scenarios as that fictional person 15 hours a day.

“So Sue’s lived experiences sort of BECAME a lot of my own lived experiences, and therefore trying to differentiate our personalities becomes difficult.”

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Eden also shared the awkward moment she was recognised for playing Sue was during the birth of her twins.

She shared: “The most insane one was while in the middle of delivering my twin babies.

“While getting prepped for an emergency c-section, the technician asked me if ‘I was the girl from that show’ – literally while in the middle of administering my second epidural of the evening.

“And in the same breath asked me if I can feel the lower half of my body. That one is burned into my brain forever.”

Eden will be taking to the stage this summer at Edinburgh Festival throughout August with her show I Was On A Sitcom.

I Was On A Sitcom is directed by Sara Rejaie and Charlie McDermott, the latter best known for playing Eden’s TV brother, Axl on The Middle.

Eden will share what it was like to grow up in the public eye while also being known for a persona that is not your own.

Speaking about the show, Eden told “I mostly just need to get all of this off my chest and out in the world, so I think doing the show every night for a month will be kind of cathartic, but hopefully people also get something out of it as well!

“I didn’t realize how much baggage I had to unpack from the years of doing The Middle, and then layering it on top of this wild traumatic birth experience I had, the show is jam-packed with LOTS of feelings and Fast and the Furious style action sequences.”

Eden Sher will perform I Was on a Sitcom at the Edinburgh Festival throughout August. Tickets are available here.

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