Terry Bradshaw's Kinda Sure He's the Alpha on Family's New Reality Show

Terry Bradshaw says he’s the undisputed Kris Jenner of his family’s reality TV show … but he still wants to double-check on his alpha status with his wife!!!

The 4-time Super Bowl champion joined us on “TMZ Live” Thursday and we asked him who comes off as top-dog on “The Bradshaw Bunch,” his family’s new show, debuting tonight on E!.

Ya gotta see his answer because it’s amazing … Terry tells us he’s probably going to be the alpha, but then looks off-camera to make sure his wife Tammy approves!

Hilarious, TB. Just hilarious.

‘Bradshaw Bunch’ follows Tammy, Terry, his 3 daughters and their husbands … living on the family’s Oklahoma ranch. The show is following in the footsteps of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” — which, as you know, is ending next year — and the NFL legend told us he’s fully aware his fam might be coming along at the perfect time

Terry says this new ‘Bunch’ is gonna be chock-full of humor and good times … 2 things the country needs right now. As for who’s really the alpha?

Our guess is as good as Terry’s, so watch and find out for yourself.

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